The DIO – A Gem in the Heart of Pinckney!

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Is it really possible that people that live in and around Pinckney have NO IDEA what the DIO is (or how to pronounce it)? This absolutely professional, fabulous, beautiful, creative dinner theater in the village of Pinckney is not to be missed! Until 12/31, “Jacob Marley’s A Christmas Carol” is playing and you shouldn’t miss it! I am particularly looking forward to the comedy “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” that starts in February. I heard a shocking statistic recently (and people don’t quote me but the gist is right…) – most of the patrons of the DIO live OUTSIDE LIVINGSTON COUNTY. What the heck? It’s like we have Jesus in our town and no one goes to his church! So, the challenge is for you to go to the DIO in 2018 and don’t putz in getting your tickets because the shows sell out fast. I’ve been there several times so let me fill you in on the details….

Detail #1 – What the hell is a DIO??

The DIO is a dinner theater. It’s in a beautiful building right across the street from the park in the village of Pinckney, MI. The setting is very intimate and, because they serve dinner before the shows, you sit at tables and not in rows of seats. Dinner plus a wonderful play or musical? What could be better???

Detail #2 – How do I pronounce it?

I’ve heard the wackiest pronunciations of those  3 little letters – you can’t imagine what people come up with. It’s pronounced “DIE-oh” and the theater is actually named after the Greek god, Dionysus (don’t try to pronounce that, you might hurt yourself). Check more about that guy here. He’s hard not to love. –>

Detail #3 – How do I get tickets?

Well, not just tickets – reservations (because it’s dinner and the show). The best way to make your reservations is to go the website and click on the top menu bar where it says “RESERVATIONS”. From there, click on the show you’re interested in seeing, click on the date you want to go, and then click on the green box that says “tickets”. You’ll notice the times are early for the typical show. That’s because they start the dinner buffet before the show (so don’t be late because it’s delicious!) and what’s really cute is that they serve dessert during the intermission and sometimes it’s the actors themselves that serve you so tip these mega-hard-workin’-people GOOD!!

Bonus Detail – Theater or Theatre?

Toh-MAY-toe, Toh-MAH-toe – let’s call the whole thing off! Actually, theater and theatre are pronounced the same way – THEE-ah-terr (and please don’t say thee-AY-terr because, well, just don’t). While the more popular spelling of the word in America is “theater”, and the more popular spelling of the word in Britian is “theatre”, they are both right. I actually love that the DIO uses “theatre” in their name – I think it’s cool.

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