Screams Ice Cream Parlor in Hell

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It had been a while since I was at Screams. I used to go there when the kids were little (yes, I did bring them with me…) but I was so pleasantly surprised yesterday when I stopped in. It’s not something I would have even thought about, but someone posted on Facebook that they were giving away free ice cream to Mom’s on Mother’s Day. Didn’t have to read that twice! Screams isn’t just ice cream. There’s a cute putt-putt golf course out back, and a really great store inside that sells shirts, keychains, glass-ware, toys, etc. My favorite shirt in there said “You can take the girl out of Hell, but you can’t take Hell out of the girl”. Adorable! Now, to the ice cream — their selection isn’t very robust – I think I counted 12 different flavors of hand-dipped ice cream – but it was soooo good! They were making fresh waffle cones that made the entire place smell amazing! They had one no-sugar-added ice cream flavor (Butter Pecan) that I tried and it was delicious. They serve the hand-dipped ice cream in a big red solo cup and then, around the corner are sauces, sprinkles, and other goodies that you can add to your ice cream. Kind of like a “create your own Sunday” type of deal. We couldn’t get enough of Hell puns while we were there and, when we were leaving, the cashier said “have a hell of a good day”. So funny!

I would highly recommend that you swing by Hell for a treat (and maybe a shirt). Screams is open from 11-7 every day and stays open until 8 on Saturdays. They don’t have their own website, but you can get info about them here:

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