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Our Story

Cliff and Jan Sullins met in 1996 at a jam session, just after Jan finished a national tour of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Music of the Night”. The rest, as they say, is history. They married and moved to Pinckney in 1998 and opened their music studio in 2001. A full recording and teaching studio, the space has heard various genres¬† –¬†opera, classical, folk, rock, jazz, bluegrass, and Celtic; and many instruments – guitar, piano, violin, bass, banjo, clarinet, flute, harmonica, mandolin, and even the ocarina!

Our Approach

You wouldn’t take pottery lessons from a welder, would you? How about financial advice from a cook, or trumpet lessons from a flute player? The value of taking lessons from someone who is a master at their craft can’t be measured. There are intricacies to every instrument that take years to learn, and that knowledge can’t be mimicked or rushed. The teachers at Pinckney Studio have worked tirelessly on their crafts, perform professionally, and take great pride in teaching what they know.

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